Meditations on Love: β„–2 Knowing

To love is to know Me, My
innermost nature, the truth that I am

~ Bhagavad Gita 18:55

Knowing is where one finds true intimacy. Here love is active, it is the work of knowing the deepest truest nature of another. In the case of the above quote, it is God or Krishna that one must love and know. While sacred texts ask us to love a god or gods, they often also ask to love others.

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Meditations on Love: β„–1 On Love Winning

The great thinkers, the sacred texts, writers, poets, eventually come to love as a topic of reflection. They seek to decipher it’s meaning, importance, and at often times absence in our lives. These meditations are my own humble thoughts on the subject as I try to stretch my own imagination in order to comprehend what may be incomprehensible.

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